The mixture of lead oxide or spongy lead and other substances which is put into grids.



Thin, flat structures comprised of a grid and active material. The grid supports the active material and conducts electrons out of the cell. Plates are either positive or negative, depending on the active material they hold.



An electrical condition. The positive terminal (or pole) of a cell or battery or electrical circuit is said to have positive polarity; the negative, negative polarity.



Designating, or pertaining to, a kind of electrical potential; opposite of negative. A point or terminal on a battery having higher relative electrical potential. The positive battery terminal is the point to which electrons flow during discharge.



The portion of the strap extending through the cell cover, by means of which connection is made to the adjoining cell or to the car circuit.


Primary Battery

A battery that can store and deliver electrical energy but cannot be recharged. A lead-acid battery is NOT a primary battery.

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