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sustainability and recycling Downloads + FAQ + Definitions + Cross Reference

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 HME Brochure
 Batteries for Patient Lifting & Home Accessibility Brochure
 HME Battery Guide
 Battery Care & Maintenance Guide
 Wheelchair Application Chart
 Wheelchair Battery Trans. Policy
 CMS National E Codes
 Identify Rechargeables for Recycle
 Fahrenheit Flyer
 UPS Cross Reference
 Unigy I Cross Reference
 High Rate Batteries Cross Reference
 Stationary Batt. Install & Operation
 The DEKA SimpleSwitch™ Program
 Case Study - Longevity Analysis of VRLA Battery System
 GEL Brochure
 Ind. Lab Performance Testing
 Battery Life & Environmental Risk
 Distribution and Risk Management
 System Reliability
 Med. Device Rep. Batteries Brochure
 Procell Duracell Alkaline Batteries
 Med. Device Rep. Battery Cross Ref.
 Identify Rechargeables for Recycle
Elevator Brochure
PV Solar
 Deka Solar GEL Brochure
 Deka Solar Motive Power GEL 2V High Capacity Brochure
 Deka Solar Unigy II  Brochure
 Deka Solar Flooded Brochure
 Deka Solar 2V Gel I & O Brochure
 Deka Solar 2V Flooded I & O Brochure
 Deka Solar Flooded Monobloc Brochure
 Deka Solar Monoblock Flooded I & O Brochure
 Deka Unigy II Interlock I & O Brochure
 Deka Unigy II Non-Interlock I & O Brochure
 Solar Complete Line Brochure
 Renewable Energy Charging Parameters
 IEC-61427 Solar Cycle Testing
 Small Sealed Brochure
Security Alarm Brochure
 Emergency Lighting & Security/Alarm Rep. Batteries Brochure
 Emergency Lighting Battery Images
 Emergency Lighting Cross Reference
 GEL Brochure
 AGM Brochure
AGM Batteries
 AGM Brochure
 AGM Battery Terminals
 Small Sealed Brochure
 8A & 8G I & O Brochure
 Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Gel and AGM batteries
Gel Batteries
 GEL Discharge Amp Chart
 GEL Brochure
 GEL Battery Terminals
 8A & 8G I & O Brochure
 About GEL Batteries
 Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Gel and AGM batteries
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
 Wet Lead Acid MSDS
 GEL/A-Line MSDS (for 8A4D, 8A8D, 8AGC2, 8G5SHP, 8GTE35 & 8G8VGC see Wet Lead Acid MSDS)
 Small Sealed Line SDS
 Sanyo NiMH MSDS
 Panasonic VRLA MSDS
 Panasonic NiMH MSDS
 Panasonic LiIon MSDS
 Varta Lithium Polymer MSDS
 Duracell Lithium MSDS
 Duracell Lithium Coin MSDS
 Duracell Alkaline MSDS
Chargers & Test Equipment
 Charger Brochure
 Digital Voltmeter
 Load Tester
 MK 70 CAPTEST User Manual
 MK 70 CAPTEST Brochure
 MK 70 Instructional Video
 Consumer's Guide to Battery Ratings
 Preparing Spent Batts. for Shipment
Packaging & Securing Used Stationary Batteries / Cells
 Wrapping Junk Batteries
 Recycling Brochure
 How To Recycle Batteries
 Sustainability Brochure
 Torque Values
Administrative Forms
 Credit Application
 Credit Card Authorization Form
 Blank Certification of Tax Exemption
 Spent Battery Return Form

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